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Bofred Designs

The Bofred team ( that being a two-women team ) takes months to conceptualise and design our collections. Endless conversations, bottomless cups of coffee and late nights are all part of each design. Our latest Clay Collection was a 6 month project of research, execution, sampling and producing a small collection that includes mirrors, chairs, benches, lamps big and small and curating art. Our attention to detail drives us mad but also DRIVES us. Being a very small South African company, we strive for international standard of production and design.  All our designs are hand drawn, changed, redrawn and finalised. Next step being a basic computer-aided design to enable measurements and details.  Final step the drawings get produced & sampled. Here is one of many small layouts of our Alberto Club Chair. Alberto is a sculptural piece, designed to be a statement piece, ideally paired and luxuriously comfortable.