To ensure your Bofred rug performs at its best; you will need to give it some care and attention. Please take note of the following care instructions. Please note our Care Instructions recommendations in this document are intended as a guide only, and Bofred does not assume responsibility or liability as results may vary.




Handmade mohair carpets offer excellent durability and should last a lifetime if properly cared for.Attend to stains or spillages immediately. Mop the affected area gently using a solution of soap and cool water.  Avoid steam cleaning as colours may run. Dry on a flat surface.



Loose fibres are common in hand made rugs. Trim them carefully with scissors. 



Over time all materials will fade in strong sunlight. Our rugs are reversible and it is advised to turn them from time to time. The hand-dying process makes rugs less colour fast. 



The smell of mohair will fade after a week or two.


Our carpets may contain a subtle, natural striped effect, called ‘abrash’.  This occurs because the yarn is prepared by hand, so the thickness is not completely uniform. The yarn does not take on colour absolutely evenly when dyed resulting in rugs having this 'abrash' effect.