For Bofred, home is an eclectic mix of Durban, South Africa and Muscat in Oman. 

It's grainy deserts, soft oceans, foamy waves, wind-licked beaches and lime-washed buildings. Home is busy, dusty street corners, vast swaths of muted earth. Thunderstorms. It's uniform cloudless skies, oases of saturated green and horizons cut by jagged peaks. Home is where our memories live and breathe. 

Home is the inspiration behind our new Bask Collection - the textures and palettes, and the emotions they evoke, from Muscat and Durban encapsulated in one line. With the Bask Collection we focussed on incorporating the shapes, colours and feel of our home environments into the design process, with evident ties to the various landscapes referenced. 

Each piece in the Bask Collection is a unique recollection of a place and time. It's an ode to an environment that allows us to be, even when we're someplace else.

Photography - Inge Prins | Styling - Sanri Pienaar  | Agent - Agent Emma