Product Care Guide

Bofred products are made to the highest standards, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. Proper care and maintenance are crucial to enhancing the longevity and preserving the original condition of your Bofred design. Please follow the care instructions below. Note that these recommendations are guidelines, and individual results may vary.


Aluminium products can be easily cleaned with plain water, mild soap, or a light detergent. Using wax-based polishes or abrasive cleaners is suitable for stubborn stains. Ensure thorough drying to prevent streaking.


Wipe concrete products with a soft, damp cloth to maintain their surfaces. Avoid scouring powders or creams, and opt for a mild, non-abrasive cleanser for persistent stains. Rinse promptly after cleaning and refrain from forceful scrubbing to protect the texture and the applied protective sealer.


Powder-coated items require gentle care. Avoid solvents, detergents, or ammonia. Instead, use a mild soap and water solution, followed by a thorough rinse and drying with a soft cloth. Note that these products are intended for interior use only.


Marble products benefit from cleaning with a clean, soft cloth. Avoid products with acidic components. Rinse thoroughly and dry after washing to maintain the pristine appearance of the marble surface.


Leather items should be protected from excessive sunlight, dryness, and heat. Clean with lukewarm water, avoiding chemicals and abrasive cleaners. Note that leather products are intended for interior use only.


Ceramic items are delicate; handle them with care to prevent cracking or chipping. Wipe with warm water, avoiding soaking and thoroughly drying unglazed areas.


Fabrics are not under warranty and require regular cleaning. Use mild detergent and lukewarm water for general cleaning. Vacuum regularly, rotate and fluff cushions, and avoid direct sunlight. Note that fabric products are for interior use unless outdoor fabric is specified.


Wood products should be protected from sunlight, heat, and moisture. Dust regularly, wipe spills immediately, and avoid abrasives. Wooden items are intended for interior use only.


For Monocoat-finished items, remove spills promptly and use Rubio Monocoat wax when necessary. Avoid household wax or oil-based detergents. Note that Monocoat-finished products are intended for interior use only.


Mirrors should be cleaned with warm water and a lint-free cloth. Avoid acid cleaners, spraying directly onto the mirror, or using abrasive cleaners. Mirrors are intended for interior use only.


Wipe with a slightly damp cloth for lacquered, painted, or stained wood products. Avoid ammonia, alcohol, and petroleum-based products. MDF items are intended for interior use only.


Brass items can be maintained with a soft cloth and trusted brass polishing liquid. Brass-finished products are intended for interior use only.


Natural oxidization will occur over time. Avoid solvents, detergents, or ammonia. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth. Brass-plated items are intended for interior use only.