The call of the great beyond beckons once more - as softly enticing as the scent of salt spray on a dawn-tinged breeze, and the melodic sound of a dhow clacking against its moors in the ebb and flow of a brisk morning tide...

The inspiration behind our Villa Collection is drawn from our unbridled excitement to step back into the world and explore once more. It’s an ode to languid meandering, lingering lunches, the clink of celebratory drinks, icy ocean dips on sun-drenched afternoons, and the hush of a day that slows sweetly as the moon rises over mangroves. 

Each piece in the Villa Collection is a quiet call to adventure - a reminder that a great big world awaits, and that it’s filled with boundless beauty and wonder. It’s a celebration of wanderlust and the sheer joy of venturing beyond the here and now to discover the magic of elsewhere.

Photography - Inge Prins | Styling - Sanri Pienaar  | Agent - Agent Emma

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